Never give up

Life is to short to not do something when everywhere you go everything you do someone is is better to do something and fail than not to do anything at all.When people look at the terms success and failure they think of it as win lose situation,but I think of it as a chance to do something right or wrong it is our choice to fail,but more so it is your choice to succeed,Abraham Lincoln said if at first you don’t succeed try,try again .

So I encourage you make something out of your life and those around you.Do something,serve your community,help an old lady with shoveling her walk,help a elderly man get his newspaper.It all starts somewhere,so start with the things you love.


 Donald trump now has the power to restore children’s right to life. He is going to abolish IRS and get rid of planned parenthood. He will stand up to our enemies and will not let them pass and take over.

Donald trump has the power to make the constitution stand out and defend our rights.granted he has shown rascism himself as he does have locker room talk .In all honesty he is racist but so is Hillary Clinton she said she would donate money to the Haitian people but she lied and stuck it in her pocket .she killed off so many people to keep things quiet. Look what happened in Ben gazi she was so disrespectful to our soldiers and there parents,if I was one of there parents I would have slapped the hell out of her,not to mention, she said a baby has no rights.

Back to Donald trump and his business,it is not right to say racist things and it is not right to kill babies ruthlessly,but we should do as we normally do but we should make sure that everyone is legal and offer them the same chance to earn a living and raise their I stand anaomynis and I stay vigilant as neutral.

We will always have war and impartial systems but we will endure.